Please note that effective June 1, 2022, there will be a price increase of $5/day for all stays.

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Proof of up to date vaccination must be provided prior to your dog attending our kennel.

These must include:

· Distemper, Hepatitis, Para influenza, Parvovirus (DA2PP)

· Rabies

· Bordetella (Kennel Cough) ~ This is not a regular given vaccination. As the owner you have to inform your vet that your dog is being boarded at a kennel and needs this shot on a yearly basis.  

All dogs 6 months or older must be neutered or spayed.

 Dogs must have flea protection.

What you need to bring for your dog:
  • Any bedding or toys that you would like, their stuff is put in their kennel for only your dog to use. Or we can provide bored fleece mats for bedding. 

  • Dog Food, supplements, any medication (given free of charge)

  • Registration form, signed Agreement & Waiver and proof of neutering or spaying (for 1st time guests)

  • Proof of vaccination (Annual basis)

  • If crate trained, bring your dog's own crate for their comfort, it will go in their kennel with them.

  • Have an Emergency Contact set up for all visits. 


All required forms must be completed and delivered to our office prior to your dog’s stay.  Registration forms and Agreement & Waiver can be downloaded from this website,   picked up at the kennel during office hours or requested via email at