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Kennel Cough

We at Airport Kennels try our very best to keep kennel cough out of our facility and have been very successful with very few cases appearing in our 5 years of being operational. But it is very hard to detect right away and is very contagious. With this in mind please inform us if your dog show any signs of kennel cough before or after their stay and please do not bring them if there is a remote chance of them having it. 

What is Kennel Cough? 

Kennel cough, the common name given to infectious canine tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious respiratory disease among dogs. This disease is found throughout the world and is known to infect a high percentage of dogs at least once during their lifetime. Even if the dog is routinely vaccinated with bordetella, it does not guaranty that the dog could not contract the virus, although it helps prevent the severity of the symptoms. Kennel cough is commonly contracted in situations where  there is a high concentration of dogs that the parasite can transfer from or to. The symptoms usually appear about 5-10 days after exposure to an infected dog, and can last for up to 3 weeks, though symptoms may improve considerably within a few days. It is thought that dogs can remain contagious for several weeks after symptoms clear up.


·         Persistent Cough (Most Common)

·         Retching

·         Watery nasal discharge

·         In mild cases, dogs are often active and eating normally

·         In severe cases, symptoms progress and can include fever, lethargy, loss of appetite

When to Seek Veterinary Care

When symptoms progress to lethargy or loss of appetite it's time to seek veterinary assistance. Although if you have any concerns calling for advice is never a bad decision.

How Is Kennel Cough Treated?

The disease usually runs its course and the animal will frequently recover on its own. However, there are several options for the treatment of kennel cough. Please Contact you vet for more information.